A translation company can also be described as a translation agency, translation enterprise or translation firm.


The translation industry is part of a fairly broad competitive universe, with differing facets.


Translation company: “company listed with the trade register and positioned on the professional translation market, a market in which translations are performed by professional translators, even accredited when necessary, specialising in the discipline of the source document and translating into their first language.”


With this positioning, The WORDS of SPORTS wishes to sharply distinguish itself from other types of translation services that only partially meet the needs of professional customers.

Such services, along with the services offered by automated translation systems, freelance translations or networking platforms between translators, do not fall within the perimeter of the services of a translation company such as The WORDS of SPORTS, which has chosen to offer guarantees that cannot be obtained with other forms of translation services.

  • Independent translators

    By definition, an independent translator is a natural person, though established as a company and listed with the business register. The distinction between a legal person represented by a translation company and a natural person who is in fact an independent translator is therefore not always obvious. In reality, some translation companies consist only of a single person, the founder. For certain translation jobs and in a single language, independent translators are capable of providing quality services.

  • The vendors of translation tools

    Since the advent of automated translations in the 1950s, translation tools have experienced very enviable and rapid expansion. These tools are software programs or online services, with translation abilities that will serve to provide a “probable” translation on the basis of a word, a phrase, or even a paragraph, in a target language. These tools have made impressive progress, and certain automatic translations will indeed provide a response to certain user needs. However, regardless of its performance, no translation tool can claim to provide a professional translation of the type that could be provided by specialised translators.


    A specialised translator is perfectly familiar with the sector-specific context applied to a document, thereby making it possible to convey the meaning of a statement, rather than merely attempting to translate it. A specialised translator can also identify the technical specificity of terms within their context. Information technologies applied to language operate by means of statistics and probabilities that cannot grasp all of each word’s combinations relative to its context, unlike the human brain with its understanding of both languages (source and target) and of the discipline in question.

    Translation companies can call on knowledge bases, project management IT tools and automatic verifications of processes and texts, but must under no circumstances use translation tools in order to translate the entrusted documents.

  • Free online translation tools

    The WORDS of SPORTS has selected a few practical sites for free online translations. These tools can occasionally help out.

    The Free Dictionnary : free online dictionary for translations in English, Spanish, German, Italian, Arabic, Chinese, Polish, Dutch, Norwegian, Greek, Russian, Turkish.

    Bing Translator : free online translation tool offered by Microsoft

    Google translate : a series of tools for translating list of results, webpages or blocks of text.

    Reverso : automatic text translation tool. Free online translation service in English, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Arabic, Hebrew, Japanese.

    Yahoo – Babel Fish online translation : Yahoo! tools for online translations and direct translation integrated into the browser with the Yahoo! Toolbar

    Translator Detector : automatic tool for detecting if a translation has been produced automatically or by human effort

    Ultralingua : translation, definitions and dictionaries for downloading