The WORDS of SPORT offers a structured organisation in the service of your ideas and projects:


a pool of specialised translators working on your project

professional proofreading by our teams that have appropriate expertise regarding the vocabulary and issues involved in the organisation and economics of sports

an ability to translate all languages, with the same high demand for quality

Quality is a fundamental commitment of our company

Customised follow-up

A single contact will work with you throughout the service


The service is accurately defined in our estimates, in terms of prices and time limits


A specialised translator translates only into his/her first language


The services provided by our translators are assessed on a regular basis

Data security

The work databases, proprietary files and software programs, and all customer files are secured.

Professional secrecy

Professional secrecy is always ensured




the drafting of documents in foreign languages must comply with the cultural specificities of the country for which the translated document is intended. Proficiency with the language is not sufficient for a translator to be competent, s/he must be a native speaker or have at least worked in the country of the target language, while being proficient with regard to the cultural subtleties. To ensure translations that comply with cultural specifics, our agency selects a translator capable of understanding the document’s specific domain while being perfectly familiar with the cultural particularities of the target language.




all documents are reviewed. Regardless of the quality of the translator assigned to a translation, an orthographic, grammatical, typographical or syntactical error is always possible. A single error would reduce the document’s credibility. The proofreading of documents requires time and perfect knowledge of the language, which is why we have invested in a quality policy, meaning that all of your documents are reviewed in-house. With this level of demand, we can provide you with a quality commitment for your translations.




your message has been designed to have an impact on your reader. The document’s form is therefore particularly important for the understanding and assimilation of a text. The WORDS of SPORT is particularly sensitive to the presentation of documents and to the effects of form and graphics, in order to ensure that a document is optimally conveyed.